Protective Film For Metal Product

By introducing German equipment, applying Japanese technology and manufactured in ten thousand class purification workshop, the high quality multi-layer co-extrusion protective film can avoid surface damage during the deep drawing and processing of metal plates, such as stainless steel plates, electrolytic plates, cold-rolled plates, copper plates, aluminum plates and other materials. In the process of deep drawing, it has good uniform elongation. And it has a certain degree of automatic adsorption and super strong exhaust performance, with stable initial viscosity and late viscosity stability, and in the stamping easy to break it has a unique performance.


Mirror stainless steel, drawing steel plate, color coated plate, aluminum structure plate, automobile shell plate, etc.

 Packing and Transportation

Products are usually transported in the form of rolled film, wrapped in polyolefin film and protected by foam cotton to ensure transportation safety and health safety. Products should be stored in the ventilated and dry warehouse, away from the source of fire, prevent direct sunlight, do not place in the open. Products shall not be exposed to the sun or rain during transportation, and shall not be mixed with sand, broken metal, coal, chemical solvents, glass, etc

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